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How To Running The PVC Pipe Production Line
Jul 31, 2017

Process of the PVC Pipe Production Line


Starting up flow chart of the PVC pipe production line:

Turn on the main power-open the cooling water valve-heat the die and barrel,setting temperature 120 degree-1 to 2 hours after the temperature reach the setting parameter,ruuning the extruder-start the rotate the sscrew-connect the extruded pipe with the traction pipe,turn on the cooling water inside the vacuum tank-increase the low speed of the extruder slowly-adjust the bolt on the die for change the pipe wall thickness,and setting the speed of the haul off machine-start the vacuum pump,and setting the vacuum degree-start the ink jet printer when the surface of the pipe can meet requirment-keeping running after the working condition is workable.

Notes during running PVC pipe production line:

  1. Before start the machine,connect the cooling water into the feeding port,gear box,vacuum pump,water pump,check all the connect part is fixed,and there is no leaking,vacuum pump should be connected separate,check the water supply pipe and spray nozzle.

2.  Before start the rotation of the screw,must ensure the barrel and die must reach the setting       temperature,can not running extruder when the machine with low temperature.

3.  Speed up slowly,and aslo speed down,for aviod the slef frication among the screw.

4.  Start the vacuum pump motor before water in.

5.  Unexpected power off,must twist the button the into O,and when restart the extruder,must check     the postion of the turn button whether it is in 0.

6.  Turn off the vacuum pump before stop the extruder.

Zhangjiagang Medpharm Machinery PVC Pipe Production Line: