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Plastic extruder screw and barrel damage cause
Jan 16, 2017

1, screw in the cylinder rotation, material and friction between them, the working surfaces of the screw and barrel wear: screw diameter narrowing barrel inner hole diameter of gradually increasing. This, combined with diameter of the screw and barrel clearance, with a combination of wear and a little bit more. However, because the front of the cylinder head and manifold resistance has not changed, this material to be extruded forward flow leakage, that is, material flows toward the feed from the diameter clearance increases. Result, extruder production decline. This also increases the material residence time in the barrel, causing decomposition of materials. If it is a polyethylene, hydrogen chloride gases produced from the decomposition of strengthened the screw and barrel erosion.

2, material such as calcium carbonate and glass fiber filler, can accelerate the wear of the screw and barrel.

3, even because the item does not have a plastic or metal mix material, screw rotating torque suddenly increases the torque exceeds the ultimate strength of screw, screw breaks. This is a very damaged.