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Repair of extruder screw
Jan 16, 2017

1, twisting the screw to be considered according to the actual diameter of the barrel, and barrel the normal clearance is given a new screw manufactured outside diameter deviation.

2, worn threads of the screw diameter narrow surface treated, thermal spraying wear-resistant alloy, then grinding to size. This professional spray factory repair, the cost is still relatively low.

3, in the threaded part of the screw wear overlaying welding wear-resistant alloy. Depending on the screw wear surfacing 1~2mm thick, screw and grinding to size. The wear-resistant alloy consist of c, Cr, Vi, Co, w and b material composition, increase wear and corrosion resistance of screw. Professional welding plant of the high cost of processing, in addition to the special requirements of screw generally rarely used.

4, repair screw surface hard chromium plating methods can also be used, chrome is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant metal, hard chromium layer easier to fall off.