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Temperature Control Of Plastic Extrusion Machine
Jan 16, 2017

Wire and cable insulation and sheathed in plastic extrusion based on thermoplastic deformation characteristics, making it in a viscous State. In addition to external heating screw and barrel, to the plastic to melt extrusion, also the screw extrusion of plastic when its own heat, thus requiring temperature considering the whole of the host, it is necessary to consider the heater on and off, but also consider the factor of screw extrusion heat spills to be cooling, there must be effective cooling facilities. And reasonable method to determine the location and installation of measuring component thermocouple, temperature control meter reading accurately reflects the actual temperature of the host. And requires the precision of temperature control instrument and system work well, making the entire host fluctuations in temperature control system meet the requirements of a variety of plastic extrusion temperature stability.