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Flexible Pipe Machine

Product Name: Flexible Pipe Machine
Single Screw Extruder: 2 sets
Screw and Barrel Material: 38CrMoAlA
Treatment of Screw and Barrel Surface: Nitriding
Cooling Mode of Barrel: Air Blower
Main Motor Power Speed Adjusting: ABB Frequency Inverter
Product Details:

Product Description:

PVC flexible pipe machine consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, a vacuum calibration tank, a tractor, a cutter, a stacker, and the like. Flexible pipe machine is mainly used to manufacture UPVC and PVC pipes of various pipe diameters and wall thickness, such as agricultural and construction pipes, water supply and drainage pipes.

PVC flexible pipe machine has a reasonable and compact structure and high production efficiency. The special screw is used to solve the key problem that the material is difficult to be extruded, and the continuous operation is stable and the operation is simple. The produced pipe has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high surface brightness.


1. The choice of visible blade or cutting type.

2. Less maintenance, reliable performance and high production efficiency.

3. Both vacuum pumps and traction motors use advanced products.

4. The screw extruder and the tractor use imported AC frequency conversion control devices.

5. The unique PVC pipe head can produce high quality PVC pipe flexibly and efficiently.

6. The dual die allows for higher output in smaller sized pipes.

Process Flows:

SJ-Single Screw Extruder→Water Cooling Tank→Hauling off Machine→Fiber Winding Machine→SJ-Single Screw Extruder→Water Cooling Tank→Hauling off Machine→Twin Position Coiler

Technical Parameter:

Product Name

Flexible Pipe Machine

Single Screw Extruder

2 sets

Screw and Barrel Material


Treatment of Screw and Barrel Surface


Heating Mode of Screw Barrel

Cast-aluminium Heating Circles

Cooling Mode of Barrel

Air Blower

Main Motor Power Speed Adjusting

ABB Frequency Inverter

Gearbox Reducer

Hardening Gear Surface, Low Noise

Die Head

1 set or According to Customers Need



Water Cooling Tanks

2 sets

Tank Material

Excellent Stainless Steel

Tank Length


Tank Thickness


Water Pump

2 sets

Fiber Winding Machine

1 set



Speed Adjusting Mode


Hauling off Machine

2 sets

Motor Power


No.of Belt

2 *2 sets

Speed Control


Twin Position Coiler

1 set

Main Electrical Components

Omron, ABB, Schneider, Delixi,Simens etc.

Torque Motor


Optional Device


1 set


1 set

PVC Soft Granulating Line

1 line

Flexible Pipe Machine.jpg

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