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PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine
Product Name: PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine
Single Screw Extruder: 2 sets
Tank Length: 2000-3000mm
Tank Thickness: 3mm
Motor: 2.2KW
Speed Adjusting Mode: ABB Inverter
Product Details:

Product Description:

With advanced design, PVC pipe manufacturing machine provide powerful safeguard for the PVC plasticization. There is degassing system for the screw and barrle, which will ensure the quality of finished PVC pipes. We can also design pipe production machine with auto rubber ring feeding system.

PVC pipe manufacturing machine can make pipe with different belling shape. By changing the mandril, it can produce pipes with different pipe wall thickness.  Its excellent vacuum system ensures the precise sizing for pipes.


1. Suitable for high speed extrusion of PVC pipe.

2. The extrusion line has many advantages such as nested contour, automatic height control and stable performance.

3. All equipment can be controlled by PLC / PCC intelligent module to realize automatic control, real-time data recording and closed-loop control.

4. High output, high adaptability of different raw materials, high stability, high quality extrusion and the like.

5. Developed based on the new type pipe production machine technology.


* Single Screw Extruder: 2 sets

* Water Cooling Tanks: 2 sets

* Water Pump: 2 sets

* Fiber Winding Machine: 1 set

* Hauling off Machine: sets

* Double Position Coiler: 1 set

Technical Parameter:

Product Name: PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine

Screw and Barrel Material: 38CrMoAlA

Screw and Barrel Surface Treatment: Nitriding

Screw Barrel Heating Mode: Cast-aluminium Heating Circles
Barrel Cooling Mode: Air Blower

Gearbox Reducer: Hardening Gear Surface

Die Head: 1 set or Customzied
Tank Material: High Quality Stainless Steel 

Tank Length(mm): 2000~3000

Tank Thickness(mm): 3

Motor Power: 1.5kw*2

Belt: 2 *2 sets

Speed Control: ABB Inverter

Torque Motor: 2.5~6KN/m


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