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Extrusion Of Plastics

  • Plastic Pellet Extruder

    Contact NowPlastic Pellet Extruder* Product Name: Plastic Pellet Extruder
    * Output: 5-1200kg/h
    * Motor power: 2.2-355kw
    * Making sheet, pipe, profile, granule, film, etc.
    * Controller: Normal, HMC Microcomputer Controller (optional).
    * The length/diameter ratio can be changed (for 25:1...

  • Mini Plastic Extruder

    Contact NowMini Plastic ExtruderProduct Name: Mini Plastic Extruder
    Screw design: Single screw
    Screw material: 38CrMoAIA nitriding treatment
    Inverter brand: ABB
    Gear box: Hard surface and helix gears