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Medpharm High Speed Mixer
Mar 16, 2017

High speed mixer is widely applied to mixing, stirring, drying and coloring of various materials in industries of plastic,  rubber, pharmacy, fuel, food, daily chemicals, etc. High speed mixer adopt advanced design, so it convenient and safe for operation. It offers small size, light weight, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and low noise.

Product Description:

- high speed mixing motor inverter started

- high speed parts 3 methods temperature increasing: material self-friction/electric heating/conduction oil heating

- material discharge 2 methods: temperature controller automatic release/mixing time control

- the parts contact with raw material are all made of stainless steel 304 and mirror polishing treatment

- the barrel covers and three direct links made of cast aluminum

- the bearing chambers with special designs for the lubricating oil injection

- driving motor over current protection design

- PLC touch screen control system can be choosed for the high automatic control requirement

- special designed mixing axis design can avoiding the raw material leaking from the barrel

- mixing paddles after strict balance test