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Running Of The 50-160 PVC Double Pipe Production Line With PLC Control
Jul 31, 2017

50-110mm PVC doule pipe production line testing in our workshop 


It is the first time we deal with double pipe which is such a big diameter,from 50 to 168mm,we buy the raw material and mixing it by ourself,we use 30% Caco3,the finsihed product is use for water suply.


The mould material adopt high quality 40 Cr material,wth moving trolly,it assemble gear box for move front and back atimatic.


High quality rubber for hold the pipe tightly,avoid the inside the air leaking,make the surface of the pipe very smooth.



Our workers prepare the testing for 8 hours,and the temperature reached 40 degree,this is most hot day in our city,but for delivery the goods to customer's factory as soon as possible,we overcome all difficulties,we wish our customer will get high quality PVC pipe by our machine.

Any detailed technical parameter of our PVC double pipe production line,please check belowed website: