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Plastic Extruder

The main body of the plastic extruder is an extruder consisting of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system. The friction generated by the plastic extruder is less, the shearing of the material is relatively uniform, the conveying capacity of the screw is larger, the extrusion amount is relatively stable, the material stays long in the barrel, and the mixing is uniform.
Plastic extruder is mainly used for the processing of PVC, PE, PP, ABS, TPE and other plastics. Equipped with a variety of auxiliary machines. It has advanced design, high output, good plasticization and low energy consumption. It adopts hard-toothed gear transmission. Our plastic extruder has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity and long service life. It can directly produce plasticizing and extrusion molding of plastic products such as profiles, sheets, pipes and granulation.
The plastic extruders we offer are characterized by processing plastics with poor thermal stability and The blend shows its superiority. China's professional manufacturers and suppliers of plastic extruder - Medpharm Machinery. Please be free to place orders for cheap plastic extruder made in China for sale with our factory.
1. Adapt to the special requirements of different users.
2. Shorten the development cycle of new products.
3. Satisfactory mixing results can be obtained at low speeds.
4. Ensure the stability of process conditions and improve the accuracy of the product.
1. Reliable and efficient design ensures reliable operation of the extrusion.
2. Adopt advanced lubrication test, small wear and convenient operation and maintenance.
3. High-torque special drive system, the teeth and shaft are high-strength alloy steel, which are treated by carburizing and grinding.
4. Plastic extruder relies mainly on stable and easy-to-control heaters for heat supply, which is not easy to decompose to produce toxic gases, which can ensure safe operation.
5. The screw has a core temperature adjustment device and good barrel cooling to ensure precise control of the material process temperature.
6. The material has a short residence time in the machine and is subjected to small shear heat, which is suitable for processing materials with high heat sensitivity.
Our plastic extruder is not only used for extrusion molding and mixing of polymer materials, but also widely used in food, electrodes, building materials, packaging and other fields.
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